My Approach


Love Free Studio is an inclusive brand with one main focus: to document LOVE.

What is ‘Documentary style’ wedding photography?

For me, it is to capture what occurs *naturally and to then sequence those images into a story of your day.

My job as a wedding photographer is not to orchestrate moments, nor interfere with the flow of events, but to press the shutter during the little connections that encompass that special day. This unposed approach allows couples to enjoy and be fully in the moment.

I really believe in the power of photography to help facilitate our memories, to allow us to re-live experiences and to let us visit with those who are no longer with us. A true documentary approach to weddings allows for the human drama to play out uninhabited, and lets you look back on how beautiful those moments really and truly were. I want your wedding to be ‘based on a true story’ and not on a pintrestboard.

I believe that the wedding industry puts immense pressure on couples to look and act in a certain way, pressure to follow trends and have lofty expectations of what constitutes a “perfect day”. I’m here to say your day should be whatever YOU want it to be, to follow your own desires. Of course, I’ll be there to ensure that your partner doesn’t have a tree or bookcase in front of their face during that kiss shot.

A wedding should not be about the photography, but the other way around.

*Please note that I will of course photograph group photos, as I know a wedding is often one time where all family and friends are together in one place. This will happen quickly and painlesslessly and then back to enjoying your day!